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De cluttering my friends and acquaintances

My world is getting smaller. I’m weeding out my friends. Why?

What’s the point of having so many friends when they don’t bother to keep you in contact and find out how you are?

I’m always sending Xmas cards, birthday cards, regular emails but all I get is couple of sms / facebook. I don’t have a facebook account and prefer to talk /sms/email / send letters/cards. Ya call me old fashioned. I believe good close friends keep in contact with you often, in good and bad times.

So I have made the decision this year to send Xmas cards to only 3 friends instead of 50. I am keeping it simple. I will work on these relationships although all my friends are in other countries. Smaller is better. This is one way I’m simplifying my life.

Do you de-clutter your friends?


Why I am not going to church

Why I am not going to church

I try, I try to honour God by going to church. Recently, I have been feeling bored attending church. My mind races a thousand things and I have difficulty focusing. The sermon is usually boring. The kids are noisy and treat the church like a playground. I cant wait to go home. This is not the Catholic way is it? The only thing I enjoy are the hymns.

Is there another way to honour GOD?

  • Can I attend mass on weekdays when it’s quieter?
  • Can I honour GOD by doing my work and treating the sick with respect ans dignity?
  • I support charity with a monthly giving, can I give more?
  • I start my day with a prayer. I’m trying to say the Rosary daily.
  • I give thanks to GOD daily and practise gratitude.
  • I try to practise kindness and humility, and not to be angry at people.
  • I listen to some lively sermons on my App.
  • I would like to attend a small bible based class but cant seem to find any.
  • I attend other Christian denominations based services and its so lively!

Do I still need to attend Sunday church?

Be part of a savings cult

Came across a powerful and useful article from Leah Manderson about having 7 mindsets about money.

Read and be enriched! Credit given to an engaging writer.

1. Financial success is possible for me.

2. Good things come to those who take action.

3. “Money looks better in my bank account than on my feet.”

4. I believe there’s enough to go around–and I contribute to it going around.

5. I act like a millionaire.

6. I’m curious about money. I educate myself because it matters to me.

7. I am profoundly grateful for every little thing I already have.

Giving thanks to GOD

I make it a point to give thanks to GOD for his blessings, for roof over our heads, for food, for our good health & $$ in the bank. There is always going someone else who is going to be worse off.

My goal next year is to start a 365 day reflection on positive things in my life when it comes to wealth, family, spiritual, career. Let’s plan!

What are u grateful for?