I am a 38 years old female 2nd year nurse working in a small country hospital. I want to retire early like in 10 years. I also wish to advance my nursing career. Here is my bucket list for the next 10 years;

1. Do 2 postgraduate certs in Nursing (critical care & cardiac?) to make myself marketable,
2. Travel around Australia and do remote/bush nursing in 5 years, achieving No 1 is important.
3. Travel around the world when I’m 50 years old via a cruise liner and retire after that.
4. Read 1 book/article/blog daily about retirement & finance.
5. Aim to save 40-50% of income.
6. Embrace a frugal lifestyle.
7. Plan, plan, plan for retirement.
8. Pay off mortgage in 10 years – is it worth it?
9. Increase my contribution into Super, from 9% to 13% & not get penalised.
10. Grow my own food.


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  • DrWe

    Awesome. Love this list. Nursing is a noble pursuit, and I admire your spiritual and frugal journey. I’ve never been to Australia but it would be one place on my list for sure. Enjoy the adventure…

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