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Bible shopping

Have you seen the advert “I bought a JEEP”?
Well today, in my 39th year, I bought a bible that spoke to me. One of my NY resolutions was to become mindful and spiritual in my life. So I’m subscribed to an online bible class and will endeavour to start my day with a bible reading daily.

Watch this space!


Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday to me from the world.
Here’s to all single women to go forth, make adventures and not to be bullied into marriage or closed thinking. I have made my life list.

It’s great to be 39. Another year of abundance. Daily gratitude to God.

Lack of financial literacy concerns older women

A lack of knowledge and communication in relation to their personal financial situation is creating concern among women approaching retirement, a personal wealth management specialist has said.

Well, I’m glad to say I don’t belong to that group as I make every effort to study and manage my money. Financial literacy should be taught in school.

Hello 2015

Merry Christmas & safe holidays!

What are your plans for Christmas?

Is Christmas all about shopping and spending money? How can we celebrate Christmas to honor the Lord? Share your ideas.

My Christmas Plan

> My plan for a spiritual, safe, cheap Christmas celebrations; >
> 1) Cooking a vegetarian meal- why have turkey and chicken when there are healthy alternatives. > 2) Baking -improving my baking skills by cooking at least 2 baked items > 3) Say rosary once a week
> 4) Attend mass at the Cathedrals on Sundays when I’m off. Try to attend Christmas eve evening mass for once > 5) Send cards to few people I care about
> 6) Send email Christmas greetings to others
> 7) Donate to one charitable organisation if I can

Day 7 Daily Blog Challenge: How i save 30% on my grocery bills

Who doesn’t like a good deal. I saved 30% on my grocery bill.

1)Bought $80 woolsworth groupon to spend $100.
2)Ordered my groceries online, added the voucher code and got 20%,
3)Because this was my first time ordering online, I got a further 10% off (total 30%). 4)I ordered specials and discounted items which further meant I got great value. 5)Collected my groceries, no queuing.

I got a great bargain and think I did well. Stocked up on some items.