Day 6: Daily blog challenge: Learning how to fish

I learnt today how to fish, caught 2 fish but had to let them go as they were small. What an interesting activity to learn on a beautiful day. It’s lovely to do something new and enjoy it.


Daily 5 Daily Blog Challenge: What is wealth and how do we define it?

Financial wealth – your net worth helping you on your way to retirement journey. Do you have enough $$ to tide you over short term emergencies to having for retirement. Are we saving enough. At the moment, I’m trying to save 40% of my income, not easy. I’m trying to automate my savings to make it easier.

Social Wealth – need to work on this one. I have decluttered my friends to include only a small group of friends. I’m no social butterfly but I need to make an effort to have more friends other than my work mates.

Health Wealth – all the money in the world is no use if I’m sick. Good health is the best wealth. I’m lazy so need to try to incorporate fitness into my daily regime.

Love Wealth – well, I’m happy being single so I’m wealthy.

I am wealthy, I am happy, I AM.

How about you?

Day 4: Daily Blog Challenge: Tired to increase wealth

In my eager pursuit to save $$ for financial freedom, I often pick up overtime, public holiday, weekend shifts. Yes I do get more income but what’s the downside? > Feeling tired $ sleeping most of the day
> Your time is gone & can’t get it back
> Time spent with family is reduced
> Your time to enjoy non-career pursuits is reduced

So where is your work life balance? Why am I so greedy for money?

Day 3: NaBloPoMo Daily Blog Challenge: Emergency Bag

What is an emergency bag?

In case there is a fire, flood or natural disaster, then you need an emergency bag that contains all important documents. In my emergency bag, I have the following;birth certificate / passport

  • USB stick of scanned important documents
  • Mortgage documents
  • important certs / files
  • Will
  • some spare cash
  • spare Bank card
  • spare clothes

Im sure there are other things that you can put in your emergency bag. Can you think of more items?

A tale of 2 churches

I decided to spend my Sunday in Sydney. I attended an Anglican service at St Andrews Cathedral, enjoyed the choir, went for a tour & had a cuppa.

I then walked & found myself at the Reserve Bank of Australia & enjoyed the museum & talk.

Next door, I attended a free concert at the St Stephen’s Uniting Church & sang my heart out to hymns I don’t even know. A cuppa then.

After which I had dinner with mum after a 2 hr commute home.

A wonderful way to spend the day with GOD.

How did you spend your Sunday?

Day 1 blissfully single

Day 1: Nov daily blogging challenge

Good morning world. Woke up, had coffee & at the beach having a refreshing walk.

I’m single & loving it or going to try. God has a plan for me as I wait for the one he has chosen. Why pine for someone who cannot return your love?

I will lead an intentional purposeful GOD centred life.

I’m safe, sound, am a beautiful, positive person with lots of love to give. Can’t wait for my life adventure to start!

No regrets, no what ifs.

De cluttering my friends and acquaintances

My world is getting smaller. I’m weeding out my friends. Why?

What’s the point of having so many friends when they don’t bother to keep you in contact and find out how you are?

I’m always sending Xmas cards, birthday cards, regular emails but all I get is couple of sms / facebook. I don’t have a facebook account and prefer to talk /sms/email / send letters/cards. Ya call me old fashioned. I believe good close friends keep in contact with you often, in good and bad times.

So I have made the decision this year to send Xmas cards to only 3 friends instead of 50. I am keeping it simple. I will work on these relationships although all my friends are in other countries. Smaller is better. This is one way I’m simplifying my life.

Do you de-clutter your friends?